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At BILLING COST ASSOCIATES (BCA), we exist to to provide you with professional expertise that exceed your expectations. Our team is well experienced to provide and deliver quality services ranging from Pre-feasibility study, feasibility study, cost plans, estimates, pre and post contract documentation and cost management of projects to completion and hand over. Our years of experience have taught us to ensure we exceed our client’s goals and always make your business success our priority. The experience, capability and passion of our highly skilled professionals is the foundation for our success, with this we ensure client satisfaction by giving close and personal attention to their projects in alignment with trending global innovation and technology.

We Provide Value and a Dedicated Team

We are a full professional service firm that seamlessly combines both technical and business disciplines to serve its client base and the construction market. At Billing Cost Associates we understand the seriousness, and implications resulting from our direction and advice, we outperform our client’s expectations and provide them with consistent results.

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Dedicated Team

We have a formidable team with a proven ability to drive the process and meet delivery obligations. Our team members are up to speed with the current work complexities and new challenges in the building industry. Billing Cost Associates believes in the local empowerment of Quantity Surveying professionals and has over the years been reputed for training and empowering Quantity Surveying professionals that can compete favourably in the global built market. We currently have more than 10 highly qualified professionals working on our various projects. We are known for unrivalled speed of delivery to the client, while maintaining the high quality, accuracy and dependability of ethical standards.

Our team members are qualified and capable professionals with construction experience within Canada and all over the world.

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